How do @mentions work?

@mentions are a way of getting another person's attention in a room. In this example, Chris @mentions Pete Curley in a HipChat room:


Now, HipChat notifies Pete in any of the following ways:

  • If Pete is signed in, HipChat notifies him in the HipChat app. (Also called in-app notifications.)
  • If he's offline, away, or idle, HipChat can notify him by email, mobile push notifications, or SMS, depending on how he has his notifications set.

The notification includes the message Chris wrote. Pete can go to the room to respond to the message immediately or he can wait until later.

Changing your @mention notifications

You can set the types of notifications you receive when teammates @mention you. HipChat can notify you of @mentions when you're signed into HipChat and when you're offline, away, or idle in HipChat.

Note: It's a bad idea to disable all notifications for @mentions. It can be confusing to teammates when they @mention you, but you don't respond because you chose not to receive notifications for @mentions.

Also, see how to change notifications.

Desktop and mobile apps
In the HipChat desktop apps, you can set the notifications you receive when you're signed into the desktop apps (in-app notifications).

In the HipChat mobile apps, you can set the in-app notifications you receive when you're signed into the mobile apps or the mobile push notifications you receive when you're offline, away, or idle.
  1. Open the HipChat app.
  2. Go to your Settings.
  3. Select or deselect the room mentions option.
Web app
In the web app, you can set the email, mobile push, and SMS notifications you receive when you're away, offline, or idle.
  1. Sign into
  2. Click the Edit Profile button.
  3. Click Notifications. (Or, jump directly there at
  4. Optional: Add a phone for SMS messaging or get a mobile app, if you haven't already.
  5. Next to the @mention option, set the types of notifications you want, for example, Email or iPhone/iPad.

Setting your @mention name

Your @mention name can be your actual name like, JennSmith, your nickname, or any creative name you come up with. Just be sure the name you choose has no spaces and is easy for your teammates to remember, so they can @mention you, quickly.

  1. Sign into the
  2. Click the Edit Profile button. (Or, you can jump to there at
  3. Edit your name in the @mention name field.
  4. Click Save.

Using @here to mention everyone currently in the room 

To get the attention of everyone who is currently active in the room, type @here and your message. For example, type:

@here Time for lunch!

By “active” we mean the people are logged into a room and their HipChat statuses show Available (green). HipChat won't notify people who are away or offline. 

Using @all to mention all members of a room 

To get the attention of everyone who belongs to a private room, type @all and your message in chat. For example, type:

 @all Meeting is starting now.

To find out who you're @all mentioning, check the room's list of people. Everyone in this list receives a notification whether they're active or inactive in the room and HipChat.

In open rooms, that is, rooms anyone in your HipChat group can join, @all works like @here.

Tip: To stay on good terms with your HipChat room members, use @all sparingly. Most of the times, using @here or @mentioning a few specific people is good enough. 

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