XMPP/Jabber support details

XMPP (aka Jabber) is a common chat protocol that HipChat runs on, as do many other services like Google Talk and Facebook Chat. While we recommend using one of our official clients for the best experience, you can also connect to HipChat using one of the clients below.

Client setup instructions

Note that by using a non-HipChat client you’ll be missing out on some great features: file sharing, inline previews for images, YouTube videos, Tweets, etc, audio/video chat, room creation and management.


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Technical details

  • TLS is required for all connections.
  • The nickname used when joining rooms must match the name on the HipChat account.
  • Valid auth types are jabber:iq:auth and SASL PLAIN.
  • Communication with users from other HipChat groups is not permitted.
  • Connections are expected to be long-lived, so any clients connecting repeatedly may be rate limited.
  • Connections are dropped after 150s of inactivity. We suggest sending a single space (" ") as keepalive data every 60 seconds.
  • Room history is automatically sent when joining a room unless your JID resource is “bot”.

In addition, not all features of other XMPP servers are supported.

  • Our server is not federated and will not let you send or receive messages with users on other networks.
  • Roster management is not permitted since it is based on your group’s members.
  • We do not support the Groupchat 1.0 protocol for joining rooms. Please use the MUC protocol instead.
  • Arbitrary stanzas may not be passed between clients.
  • vCard support (XEP-0054) is limited to ‘get’ only.
  • Room creation and management as defined in XEP-0045 is not fully supported.
  • Presence probes are not supported.
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