Running a HipChat bot

Running a bot (robot) is a great way to add functionality to your HipChat rooms. A bot is just a user in your group that’s controlled by a computer program instead of a human and often responds to specially formatted commands. They can answer questions, notify you of important things, deploy the latest version of your website, and be a source of fun.

Garret H.
@jeeves weather in san francisco?
Jeeves B.
The weather in San Francisco, CA is 72° and sunny.
Garret H.
@jeeves AAPL stock
Jeeves B.

A number of bot frameworks have been created by our users and they make it very easy to get started. Every framework provides a way to add plugins so you can implement commands specific to your team.

Technical note: Bots use the XMPP protocol to connect and access your chats just like our own HipChat clients. They’re a great way to do real-time handling of chat instead of using our HTTP API.

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