1. In the Windows application the red X in the menu bar should minimize HipChat to the taskbar

  2. Option to play notification sounds when application is in the foreground.

  3. Running the Linux HipChat client causes white screen of death in Java applications

  4. Spell check not working on desktop app version 2.2.1163  ·  fixed

  5. Native Linux Application  ·  completed

  6. Keyboard shortcuts / accessibility in web application

  7. Resizing the window causes a glitched view of the chat  ·  completed

  8. Allow Applications to talk to different Hipchat Teams at once - Hipchat to Hipchat integration

  9. Starting the application with the sidebar hidden results in sidebar displaying over chat content.  ·  fixed

  10. Do not prevent device auto-lock when iOS application is in foreground

  11. Mac notifications don't show up unless entire application is out of focus (Mac app 3.0.6)

  12. Autocomplete for emoticons  ·  completed

  13. There's no way to change my password, change my title, etc., from the application.

  14. Keep the Desktop Application on Top

  15. We should be able to change the topic of a channel through the Mobile Application.

  16. Windows: Notification sound is too loud, and does not respect the system's application volume  ·  completed

  17. Application should remember window state when restoring from the tray

  18. Popup Notifications randomly switch to application (Ubuntu 12.04)

  19. Change color of tabs in Android application  ·  fixed

  20. Support application-level deployment  ·  acknowledged

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