How do @mentions work?

@mentions are a way of getting someone's attention in a room. People can choose to be notified when mentioned, including in-app sounds, email, SMS, or iPhone/Android push notifications.

How to use them

  1. Type the @ symbol in the message input box and start typing someone's name
  2. An auto-complete box will help you complete the person's name. Select the person you want by clicking on their name or hit the Tab key to auto-complete
  3. Type the message you want them to see and send your message
  4. If they're signed in, they'll be notified in the app itself (according to in-app preferences). If the user has the app focused and is displaying the chat where the @mention occurs, they will not receive any special notification.
  5. If they're offline, they may receive the mention and message via email, SMS, or iPhone/Android push notification depending on their preferences.
Note: We strongly discourage users from fully disabling notifications for @mentions. It can often cause confusion if someone uses an @mention and another user never sees it due to preferences.


How do I change what happens when I'm @mentioned?

  • To change how you're notified when you're signed into HipChat, click the gear icon in the top right of the app. Click the notifications button up top to see the options.
  • To change how you're notified when you are not signed into HipChat (SMS, email, iPhone, Android), go to
See complete instructions on how to change notifications.

@all mentions

In a room you can use an "@all" mention to get everyone's attention at once (example: "@all Meeting is starting.") Everyone shown in the list on the right will be notified when @all is used. In open rooms this is just the people who are currently online and in the room. In private rooms this is everyone who has access to join the room (regardless of whether they are actively in the room).

@here mentions

Use @here to address the active members in a room and filter out everyone else (example: "@here Time for lunch!"). By “active” we mean you are logged into a room and your availability shows that green dot. It will never send emails, push notifications, etc., since those are only sent to people who are away/idle/offline. 

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