How do I add/invite new users?

Group admins have multiple ways they can add or invite users.

Creating user accounts on the web app

  1. In the HipChat web app, go to Group admin > Users
  2. Mac desktop app users: You can also click New Chat, then Invite a Teammate.
  3. Enter a name, @mention name, and email address for the user.
  4. Select the user’s role, either User or Admin.
  5. Click Add User.
  6. HipChat sends an activation email to the email address you entered. The email has a link and instructions on how to set up an account.

Sending an invite URL from the web app

  1. In the HipChat web app, go to Group admin > Features (here).
  2. Under Invite URL, copy the URL. 
  3. Send the URL to an email list or to the the individual users you want to invite. 
  4. When the users click the URL, they are directed to set up their user information and passwords. They are automatically added to your HipChat group. 

Note: You can disable the URL or generate a new one, as needed.

Using the API

If you want to automate user creation, check out our API

Note: If the create_user call is made, then an activation email is NOT sent to the user. Many third-party SSO's use this option (such as OneLogin). 

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