How do I add/invite new users?

In order to add new users to your group you'll need to be a group admin. Then, you have a few options:

Option 1

Create the users account on the website at Once a users information is entered, then an activation email is sent to their email address. This email will have a URL in it which will direct the user to setup their user information and set their password. After registration is completed, the user will be prompted to download the native client ( The email will come from

Option 2

Send your users the Invite URL. Group admins can send a private URL to an email list or to the individuals you want to invite. Get your URL here. The URL directs the user to setup their user information and password and automatically adds them to your HipChat group. The URL can be regenerated or turned off, if needed.

Option 3

Use the API: Users wishing to automate user creation should check out our API. Please note: if the create_user call is made then an activation email is NOT sent to the user. Many third-party SSO's use this option (such as OneLogin). 

Additional Notes

  • These options are available for both and HipChat Server group admins.

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